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My New Gig at Bolstr


It’s been nearly seven months since I joined the great team at Bolstr as Chief Technology Officer and I have to say, it’s a job that gets even better with time!

Since I started, I’ve done a bunch of things:

  • Made significant improvements to
  • Added a ton of functionality to our main application and improved test coverage / speed
  • Written a robust wrapper gem to the Docusign REST API and implemented their embedded e-signature solution into our main application
  • Switched to using Tmux and Console Vim after a brief affair with Sublime Text 2
  • Started a Ruby User Group in Green Bay, WI
  • Completed several advanced Ruby courses to hone my code slinging skills

It’s funny how time flies when you love what you do. I’m very excited about what we’re doing and we have some amazing opportunities already lined up in the months ahead.

Keep in touch if you want to see the financial and banking industries squirm when crowdfunding goes mainstream!