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How to Be a One-Man Coding Army for a Startup

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to be invited to speak at Chippewa Valley Code Camp - 2012. CVCC is a free, 1-day, 4-track conference in Eau Claire, WI that attracts some of the brightest developers in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

This year there were over 120 attendees and some 20 speakers presenting on things ranging from running a massive Java web application at scale to Single Page Applications with JavaScript. I had an awesome time meeting new people and sharing a little bit about how I run the technical and development side of Bolstr. Specifically, I talked about how we collaborate on work-flows for new features through user stories with Cucumber as we build out our Ruby on Rails web application at

The slides from my talk “How to be a One-Man Coding Army for a Startup” are available online, and if you attended the session I’d sure love it if you could leave some feedback at speakerrate for me.

Also, a big shout out to Brian Hogan for encouraging me to submit a talk and even suggesting the name. Thanks Brian!